Welcome to Rich Rewards FasTracKids Nigeria!

Rich Rewards FasTracKids Limited is a world class Nigerian company that is committed to enhancing the education of Nigerian children.To this end, Rich Rewards FasTracKids Limited is a Master Franchisee of FasTracKids International of Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.

In that capacity we are the company with the exclusive right to market and license schools and enrichment centers in Nigeria for all FasTracKids International Limited educational products and services which include FasTracK Music, FasTracK Signing, FasTracK Discoverers, FasTracK Explorers, FasTracK English, FasTracKids, FasTracK Camps and FasTracK Tots.

Research has shown that the brain develops significantly in the first eight years of life. We only have a relatively small window of opportunity to build a strong foundation through high quality, early learning experiences. early childhood education is the foundation for life.

What is the FasTracKids Curriculum?

FasTracKids is a special curriculum designed to develop children's skills from ages 6 months to 8 years in communication, critical thinking, confidence, creativity, leadership and collaboration.

The FasTracKids Curriculum was developed by FasTracKids International Limited , a United States based educational development, marketing and management company. It was designed to encourage children to learn:

  • creative thinking
  • problem solving
  • asking questions with confidence
  • communicating skillfully
  • leadership and teamwork

FasTracKids has a single objective that is: To provide quality, early learning programs worldwide through its Franchisees.