The FTK Philosophy:

Research consistently shows that by the time children begin their traditional education, most of their critical years of brain development are already over. Due to this alarming discovery, FasTracKids International, located in Denver, Colorado, USA invented, designed and developed a unique teaching methodology that emphasizes on the following:

  • - Encourages the application and transfer of knowledge
  • - Challenges children to analyze and evaluate information

FasTracKids Curriculum is a revolutionary concept in early childhood educational enrichment that encourages creativity and brain development of 6 months to 8 year olds, teaching them to apply and transfer knowledge. The FasTracKids curriculum develops speaking and communication skills and promotes leadership and personality development.

The FasTracKids Curriculum enriches education by:

  • - Complementing traditional education
  • - Developing creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and confidence

Children need to learn skills that will eventually equip them to solve real world problems. FasTracKids curriculum is an excellent way to teach them:

  • - Creative thinking
  • - Problem solving
  • - Asking questions with confidence
  • - Communicating skillfully
  • - Leadership and teamwork
  • - Continuous process of learning

FasTracKids Subjects

Some of the subjects taught under the FasTracKids program includes:

  • - Astronomy, Biology, Communication
  • - Creative Literature, Creativity, Earth Sciences
  • - Economics, Goal & Life Lessons, Mathematics
  • - Natural Science, Speech, Drama & Art, Technology, Music

FasTracKids Programs

Established in 1998, FasTracKids is a fun filled learning adventure in a safe, supportive atmosphere. The highly interactive curriculum includes activities to keep each child's attention focused and lets the teacher concentrate on each child's individual developmental needs.

  • - Develops life skills as well as school-readiness skills
  • - Supports the brain development that is naturally occurring
  • - Offers multiple interest points
  • - Introduces products that sustains children educational development

FasTracKids is truly an international organization with over 142 locations on 6 continents in 49+ countries with Nigeria being the 45th country to embrace the program.