About Us: Rich Rewards FasTracKids Nigeria

Rich Rewards FasTracKids Limited is a world class Nigerian company that is committed to enhancing the education of Nigerian children.To this end, Rich Reward FasTracKids Limited is a Master Franchisee of FasTracKids International of Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.

In that capacity we are the company with the exclusive right to market and license schools and enrichment centers in Nigeria for all FasTracKids International Limited educational products and services which include FasTracK Music, FasTracK Signing, FasTracK Discoverers, FasTracK Explorers, FasTracK English, FasTracKids, FasTracK Camps and FasTracK Tots.


Our Mission is to make Nigerian Children special, putting them on the same pedestal with children all over the world in education, preparedness and alertness in solving real world problems by the use of FasTracKids curriculum.

As the Master Franchisee of FasTracKids International in Nigeria, we have exclusive rights to offer the following services:

  1. We license schools to provide the FasTracKids curriculum for children
  2. We train teachers to enable them teach the FasTracKids curriculum
  3. We help prepare and assist schools in providing conducive classrooms that creates an enabling environment for the FasTracKids curriculum
  4. We ensure that schools maintain the international standards for teaching and impartation of knowledge through the FasTracKids curriculum
  5. We also provide technical support to schools on the use of FasTracKids products and services.